The Foot's Locker

Total Liquid Assets
(coins, gems, etc)

Level 1 Items (360gp)
Long Sword +1
Quarterstaff +1
Long Bow +1
Mace +1

Level 2 Items (520gp)
Eagle Eye Goggles

Level 3 Items (680gp)
Sylvan Leather +1
Leather Armor of Cleansing +1
Cloth Armor of Exploits +1
Leather Armor of Exploits +1

Level 4 Items (840gp)
Everlasting Provisions

Level 5 Items (1,000gp)
Bag of Holding

Level 6 Items (1,800gp)

Level 7 Items (2,600gp)
Defensive Short Sword +2
Circlet of Authority
Gambler’s Sickle +2

Level 8 Items (3,400gp)
Sylvan Cloth Armor +2
Wand of Cold +2
Point Blank Weapon +2 (unknown type. John put this on a war pick, but it’s a range-only enchantment)

Level 9 Items (4,200gp)
Orb of Harmonic Agony
Orb of Reversed Polarities
Cloak of Walking Wounded +2 (I think Varanus may have taken this one. Delete it if so.)

Comprehend Languages
Magic Mouth
Make Whole
Secret Page
Tenser’s Floating Disc
Eye of Alarm
Detect Secret Doors
Arcane Lock
Enchant Magic Item
Transfer Enchantment
Traveler’s Chant (Bard Only)

Other Items

(6x) Wands that drive away the Carrion Crawlers in the Trilloman lair.

Approximate Number of Members: 78

Average Monthly Gain/Loss: +1000gp

Perceived Guild Morale: Very Good

The Foot's Locker

The Rise of The Foot Clan Brashnir