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  • Cal

    Cal is the leader of his tight-knit Biv'em family clan. He is the oldest and most respected and rarely questioned by his crew. His armor and shield, like the rest of his crew, are hand made and are constantly being repaired and improved. They come from …

  • Hob

    Hob is Cal's younger brother and student. He is a big dumb thug. He is ruthless, violent, and nearly fearless. Hob loves to fight and loves to kill. He is lacking in nearly every way outside combat. He is borderline stupid and makes terrible choices …

  • Jor'em

    A closely related cousin to Cal and Hob. Jor is a priest of Vecna on a quest for power. He openly worships Vecna and invites conflict over it. While being younger than both Cal and Hob, he looks much older. He looks malnourished, his hair is grey, his …

  • Wex'em

    A half-elf cousin. Wex has never known his elven family and has devoted himself to his “brothers”. He wields a mace with a rouge’s precision. He is young, strong, and very fast. Combat is a game to him, a game he enjoys very much.

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