Bauric the Wanderer


Level 13 Bard|Sorcerer

Wish List

  • Wand of Thunderous Anguish +3 – Level 14 – Adventurer’s Vault 2
  • Wand of Thunderous Anguish +4 – Level 19 – Adventurer’s Vault 2
  • Spark Slippers – Level 16 – Adventurer’s Vault 2
  • Cloak of Displacement +3 – Level 15 (or +4 – level 20) – Adventurer’s Vault
  • Stone of Storms – Level 12 – Adventurer’s Vault 2
  • Elemental Prism – Level 16 – Dungeon 165
  • Gauntlets of Blood – Level 14 – Adventurer’s Vault 2
  • Executioner’s Bracers – Level 13 – Adventurer’s Vault 2
  • Ring of the Dragonborn Emperor – Level 15 – Adventurer’s Vault
  • Belt of the Witch King – Level 18 – Adventurer’s Vault 2

Bauric was born the eldest son of a powerful Pyromancer named Rinscorn in the Kingdom to the North. Rinscorn, while superficially loyal to the crown, and held as a retainer in the King’s council, was never happy to influence the world from afar, and as such had designs of his own to capture the throne for himself. During a downturn in local political upheaval, he made his move, but was cut down during his coup attempt. His body was buried in an undisclosed location in a crypt containing an anti-magic field to prevent his resurrection.

Bauric never knew his mother, and was now an orphan at the age of 14, held in trust by the state. The King, fearing his potential as a wizard, instead entrusted his care to General Gerlund Grimfang, who commanded the Kingdom’s armies. With the kingdom’s most powerful wizard dead, a long-time rival nearby took its chance to strike, and Bauric was sworn into service as the General’s Page. He used his limited knowledge of magic to assist Gerlund’s command, helping to relay orders with cantrips, and even helping to stop an assassination attempt with a well-timed Scorching Burst spell.

During his time in the military, Bauric marveled at the way the Warlords commanded men the same way his father commanded fire, and secretly wondered how things may have been different had his father chosen this path instead.

Unfortunately for Bauric and Gerlund, their time together was all too brief. While Gerlund was moving with a small detachment to reinforce another front in the war, his forces were overrun by a superior force and Gerlund was slain. Bauric managed to escape the battlefield without significant harm and slipped away into the wild. After a couple days, he discovered a band of Gypsies fleeing the war-torn kingdom for a safer haven and a more receptive audience for their wares. They were entertainers, after all, and not provisioners or field medics.

The Gypsies took in the 17-year-old Bauric as a refugee and trained him in their particular style of oratorical performance. Bauric caught on quickly, and noticed how similarly their performance arts were to the manners of command he saw on the battlefield.

For months the young Tiefling traveled with the Gypsies, but they were not destined to reach their destination. They were beset in the night by bandits, who killed any who dared oppose them, took the caravan’s valuables, slaughtered their livestock, and used the wagons as firewood to cook their newfound feast.

Bauric, ever the survivor, turned on the Gypsies when it became clear that they had no chance of victory. With his merciless demeanor and silver tongue, he was able to convince the Bandits to let him live and follow them to their city.

It was thus that Bauric made his way to Kristophan and met up with Belgos, Darius, and the rest of the guild.

Bauric the Wanderer

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