The Rise of The Foot Clan

Vengance for Vinlans

Belgos spent many months investigating Vinlans before the whole Clan moved in. He found a city under martial law, a repressed and very unhappy population, and a Gestapo-like militia presence. Citizens have no land, no freedom of speech or assembly, and often disappear when “taken for questioning”.

Almost two years ago, when the city was still a free-market thriving farm city there was a drastic drop in grain prices to Kristophan. Farmers spoke out against the problem, insisting they could not support their families or pay their bills. The price continued to plummet and groups of angry farmers began to protest. The protests were ignored and violence broke out. Buildings were burned and the flow of grain came to a halt. Vinlans supplies over 80% of the grain to Kristophan, who could not allow their population to go hungry. Several legions of specialized forces were sent to deal with the problem. A bloodbath ensued. The legions decimated parts of the town and killed anyone in the streets. Afterward martial law was officially enacted, all lands were seized, and the city has been frozen in this state ever since. Most of the troops eventually returned to Kristophan, but one large and notoriously cruel detachment stayed to “keep the peace”.

The Clan moved into the city, doing their best to disguise themselves and not draw attention. You all met some citizens who claimed to be part of the resistance. They sent you on a mission to clear out a gnoll presence they said had been praying on the outlying farms. While searching for these gnolls you were ambushed by a group of citizens. After a short skirmish, they realized they were greatly outmatched, and laid down their weapons before anyone was killed. They explained they thought you were mercenaries hired by Vinlans officials and planned to take you out. They told you your presence in Vinlans was well known, and that it was only a matter of time before you were taken away by those in power, if you weren’t, in fact, employed by them. They explained that while you were obviously able to fend for yourselves, that you would be no match against the hoard of soldiers within Vinlans.

You returned to Vinlans anyways, laughing off their warning, and stepping up your disguise efforts. You made it a point not to be seen together while sniffing out the town for ways in. A few days later several of you were jumped, all around the same time on the same day. All but the old psionicist were able to escape. You all heard a voice in your head soon after, “escape, I’ll be fine.”

The Clan fled Vinlans that night, making your way to the fortress in the mountains. There you found Bennie and a group of recruits cleaning the place out and making repairs.

Belgos decided that if The Clan was to be successful in Vinlans, they’d need to improve their ability to be unseen, blend in, and deceive. The Clan spent several months honing their skills, learning fake accents, disguises and stealth techniques, etc. Modifications were made to gear and armor, allowing them to be more easily concealed and quieter under disguises. This made fighting more difficult, as parts of the armor had to be strapped down to reduce bulk and noise. You all trianed for months learning to fight while wearing these mods.

When there are three or more of you, you may take a short rest to use the new skills you’ve learned. You strap down your armor, cover it with a variety of possibilities of disguises, and are basically in a stealth stance. This can only be dropped with another short rest. While in this stance you are all at a -1 to attack and -2 to damage due to the restrictive nature of your modifications. In return, your bluff, diplomacy, and stealth are all added together, a +1 is added for each member in the stance, then the totals are divided equally among you, rounded up. For example:

Bennie, Belgos, Varanus and Bauric go into stealth stance. Bennie has a 6 stealth, Belgos 12, Noose 4, and Balric 8. There are four of you, so that’s 4+6+12+4+8=34. 34/4=8.5. Each of you would then have a 9 stealth. You’d do the same for the other skills the stance affects.

You also spent this time honing your own particular skills. You are now all level 11 and may choose your paragon paths. Deekay has sent along a set of guild rings and 6 potions of vitality. The rings bear the insignia of The Foot Clan to those who know to look for it, to the prying eye, they look like plain rings of different sorts. These rings grant +1dex, bluff, diplomacy and stealth. Only one can be worn at a time.

It was too risky for Bennie to cart thousands of gold from Trill to the fortress, and bringing that much cash into Vinlans would surely raise suspicion. He knows a royal that still lives within Vinlans. The royal, Vas T’Nah, has agreed to grant Belgos a line of credit within Vinlans in exchange for the same line of credit for himself in Trilloman. Trill has fast become a famous retreat for wealthy royals due to the open gambling and prostitution. The guild has a 10,000 gold credit line in Vinlans c/o Vas T’Nah. He gave you a contact at his bank and warned to speak to no one esle about it, nor to flash the wealth, as it would be a sure way to attract attention.


A group of hill giants pestered your newly acquired fortress. You all made short work of them once you found their camp. You found evidence that they were being paid to harass you, but were unable to figure out who/why.

Shortly afterward a host of eladrin appeared at your gates flying flags of truce/parley. They were well geared and seemed quite powerful. The leader, some sort of mage, offered to pay handsomely for access to the mines under your fortress. You declined, but offered to assist, for a price. The mage explained that they’d lost a powerful spiritual leader a few years prior, and could feel his presence here, but were unable to do anything about it due to the blight the necromancer spread over the area. The necromancers enchantment seemed engineered to affect eladrin more than anyone, any eladrin who entered would slowly die, become diseased, or suffer other permanent ailments. He thanked you for ridding them of the scourge, but asked that you search beneath your fortress for their lost priest. You accepted the offer.

Venturing into the mine you discovered it was still being actively mined by a group of miners who seemed to be under some kind of mental influence/control. They weren’t sure who they were mining for, nor how, exactly, they got there. They mined coal, copper, and electrum, loaded it into mine carts and rolled them off into holes in the mine walls. Where they went from there was unknown.

You ventured further into the depths and eventually discovered a large room filled with bones. In the center of the room lay a partially decayed green dracolich. Hanging in a cage above him was the eladrin priest laying emaciated, unmoving. Chains strung from the cage to clasps around the dragons neck and feet. A dull sickly glow emanated from the chains seemingly sapping the eladrin while very slowly healing the dragon. The dragon explained he’d made a deal, a deal which would give him back his “beauty”, a deal which meant draining the powerful eladrin for another year or so. A deal which he was not going to allow you to interfere with. He easy snapped off the chains and attacked. You all slaughtered him and rescued the priest and claimed your reward.

Upon the dragons death, the miners regained their will. They still weren’t sure who/what/why they were there, but were grateful to be themselves again and agreed to work for you. They’ve begun work to modify the existing tracks and pulley systems to bring the spoils up into the fortress instead of out into the tunnels. While examining the mines again, you noticed the evil presence of the dracolich again. Buried within the huge mound of bones the dracolich was slowly rebuilding itself again. After a fruitless search for its phylactery and a debate on how to proceed, you decided on hiring a priest, who was able to lock down the room. He warned that he was not able to destroy the beast, but that his spell would prevent it from re-spawning.

Vengance for Vinlans

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