The Rise of The Foot Clan

The Taking of Trilloman

Your story started in Kristophan. You were all members of the Thieves’ Guild of Kristophan (TGoK) and reported to Belgos, a minor captain. While things had been running smoothly, you’d all grown restless and bored, as your position in the guild never changed. Belgos suggested taking a small crew to a neighboring town within the kingdom to start your own operation. You all accepted, and your path led to a small farm town called Trilloman.

Trilloman was once a thriving river city. The mages of Trilloman were legendary. They created powerful gems that surrounded the city like a circuit. They cast enchantments into the stones, which then amplified and spread the enchantments across the other stones in the circuit. These enchantments caused the fields to grow, fish to spawn, and livestock to become larger and more fertile. Trilloman was able to harvest four times per year and its population grew exponentially.

With the fall of The Star, and the resulting chaos, the city collapsed. The mages that were not killed vanished, along with the gems. Starvation set in and several small groups even turned to cannibalism. Order was eventually restored, but the city was nearly destroyed. Bands of bandits, orcs, and other raiders hit Trilloman again and again. Walls were erected from the rubble pulling the former city into an area 1/8th the size of its former glory.

The only remaining powers in the town were two rival thieves guilds. They set aside their differences and agreed upon territory. They were vital to the towns ability to recover and rebuild. Their truce endured for many years until about a year ago when a young upstart was able to destabilize things and somehow take control. He had the leaders of both guilds killed by setting them against each other using lies and deceit or just had them assassinated outright.

You came into town, were lured into what he felt was a trap, and annihilated them all. You gained a spiffy cliff face/cave/river hideout, complete with a library and what appeared to be a former mage guild vault. You fended off several assassins of Zehir, sent by the TGoK, and also took over the town’s mage tower. You’ve successfully taken control of most of the town, aside from the state-run militia-only buisnesses. You’ve opened a large casino/brothel/bath house, and are beginning to reap significant monthly profit.

You’ve made a strategic alliance with the former Captain of the Militia, sucessfully placing him into power as mayor to further your goals. He has helped you, and you he.


You were visited by an envoy from Kristophan consisting of a gaggle of priests of Zehir and their large number of armed guard. They claimed to represent the thieves’ guild of Kristophan, and while recognizing you as the new rulers of Trilloman, insisted you come back into the fold and pay a 40% tax. You all felt that while their intentions were true (they really were who they claimed to be, and really were acting in the interest of the Kristo guild), that there was something amiss, and that their loyalty to Zehir was questionable. You agreed to their terms and sent them on their way, agreeing to make the first payment within a month or so.

Having no intention of paying, but not wanting to upset the balance you’d struck with the Captain of the Guard (nor having the manpower to take them alone), you went to him for suggestions. While refusing to help you publicly, he did propose a deal. He agreed to slow their return by setting up “safety” checkpoints along the roads, claiming to be looking for something/someone. This, he felt, would thin their line and spread them out, allowing you to more easily take them out. In return, he asked that you remove the local orc leader from power. Again, greatly outnumbered by the orcs, you convinced them to attack the priest’s convoy, granting them blood, glory, and gold. They decimated the caravan and many of their underlings went their separate ways to hide their spoils and celebrate. You took advantage of the situation, rallied Cal’s crew to assist, and raided the orc encampment. The leader turned out to be a human mage/necromancer who carried one of the lost Chant-Stones of Trilloman.

The Taking of Trilloman

Belgos has left Trilloman to scout out the guild’s next possible target. He has been away for over two months now, but has kept in touch to let you all know he is in no danger.

Deekay has spent time studying the stone and practicing alchemy. He has concluded that the Chant-Stone is activate-able only when placed between the petrified wood of a certain type of ancient tree. The spires in the fields around Trill are made of this material, and he feels the necromancer’s staff was likely made of it as well. It gives off no suggestion of magic, as it is a purely natural material. He is not sure what would happen should you place the stone into one of the town’s remaining spires, but is fairly certain it will grow to fit the pillar and activate. He has also made headway in his alchemical studies, and has begun to perfect the improved healing potion. He has made each of you one. They heal 20hp, and cost two healing surges to use.

Bauric and Bennie have kept themselves very busy clearing out the large abandoned building in town and turning it into a casino/brothel/bathhouse. While these activities were all formerly illegal in Trilloman, you’ve all flexed your political muscle, ousted the former Mayor and his cabinet, and installed the now former Captain of the Guard as the new Mayor. His first action was to legalize gambling and prostitution, only within the walls of the new casino. You are putting the finishing touches on the establishment now.

You’ve placed Noose into power as the new Captain of the Guard. While he has most of the loyally of the militia, and most of the power that comes with the title, he does not command The Six, and knows that the regulars would not do anything too far out of normal routine. He does, however, have considerable influence within the city, and is able to muster well over two hundred men to its defense at a moments notice. Noose is often shadowed by Cal and his crew, who enforce the will of the guild as quietly (yet violently) as possible. Cal and Hob are also now both in positions of moderate power within the Trilloman Fighter’s guild.

The Taking of Trilloman

Trilloman was attacked by a war party sent by the leaders of the orcs you’d attacked. You learned that the party you killed was simply a raiding party of a much larger army, and that the leader you killed was just their leader, not the general of the army.

You placed the Chant-Stone onto the pedestal in town, and Bauric channeled a song of protection through it, assisted by Deekay. The stone amplified the song and extended its range and power. The orcs were devastated, unable to breech even one wall. You and Cal’s crew mopped up the remains, including another Necromancer holding another Chant-Stone.

The Taking of Trilloman

Belgos has returned with news of Vinlans:

An obvious change of power took place around the same time as in Trilloman. This time far more violently. The majority of those in power within the local government were lynched for corruption and a massive civil uprising unfolded soon after. The collapse of the government left everything in disarray, grain prices (the lifeblood of the town’s enormous working-class) plummeted, and citizens took to the streets in protest. Clashes with the local militia turned violent, and full-scale rioting rocked the town for months. Large parts of the town were burned out and still remain in ruin. Tension still looms.

The riots and unrest caused the gain supply to come to a halt. Kristophan relied almost completely on this city for its supply of gain. Action was swift. A legion of troops was sent into the town to quell the unrest and see to restoring the flow of gain. Martial law was imposed and a puppet government was installed. While the majority of the troops have returned to Kristophan, the puppet government remains in place, and the local militia, now reinforced by the remaining troops, quells any hint of unrest with excessive force. Most of the local commerce and nobility has fled the town (or was killed outright during the riots). The town now runs in a communist dictatorship like fashion, where all land and business has been appropriated, and all workers are forced to work for the same meager wages. All forms of assembly are “temporarily” outlawed, including guilds and temples. One large state-run temple to Erathis exists, housing smaller shrines to other Gods commonly worshiped in the town. Services to Erathis, run only by state-appointed priests, are the only sermons permitted. No other “public” speaking is permitted, punishable by death.

Belgos feels, that while this town will be far more difficult to penetrate, that the rewards for seizing control of the kingdom’s grain supply is too tempting to pass up. He feels that Vinlans should be the guild’s next target.

Meanwhile, your victory over the orc army prompted a major retaliation. Bands of goblins and hobgoblins regularly attack every caravan they can to and from Trilloman. Trade has come to a near stand-still, and the town is looking to The Foot for action.

Scouts report finding a huge fortress in the mountains to the south. The fortress is mostly in ruin but is serving as the HQ of the hordes you’ve been fighting. Rumors of a powerful necromancer with artifacts of great power are heard, but there is no real evidence of this.

You decided to hitch a ride with a trade caravan leaving town. As expected, you were attacked by a large goblin force the first night out. The goblins were organized, methodical, and in large number. After a long grueling battle, you defeated them, but the caravan was completely destroyed. Searching the pockets of the dead revealed no coin or valuables of any kind, only a few magical items that were being worn by the enemy. You figure they must have had some kind of base nearby, and are attempting to track them through the nearby woods.

The Taking of Trilloman

After getting lost in the woods looking for the goblin camp, you were lured into a trap by local do-gooders. Two eladrin and a dryad lured the party into a cove containing a huge tree that heals fey. Once the party engaged, the enemy summoned fourth a unicorn and a shambling mound. After dispatching the enemy, the party attempted to burn down the mystic tree, to no avail.

Back on the trail of the goblins, the party finally found the camp. It was already looted.

The party then left the woods to get back on track towards the orc fortress. Darkness loomed in the sky above where the fortress was sure to lie. The party ventured fourth into the decaying landscape. Once far enough into the wasteland, every direction seemed to look the same. Compasses froze or spun constantly. The party continued on in the direction they felt was toward the mountains/fort. First attacked by a band of skeletal warriors, then a pack of zombies, whats next?

The Taking of Trilloman

The Clan made its way through the barren wasteland, taking down several groups of undead, including a powerful three-skulled skeleton. Making your way up the mountainside you encountered several groups of orcs, and finally an extremely powerful necromancer who used three of the Trill-Gems to amplify his power and corruption. After a furious battle, you killed him and claimed his fortress and all within. You found evidence of some dark alliance with a plot of invasion. You arent sure who the necromancer was working with, nor which town he planned to invade as both Trilloman and Vinlans are nearby. You sent the Trill-Gems back to Trilloman, along with Bennie, Cal, and Cal’s crew. You then turned your attention to Vinlans.

The Taking of Trilloman

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